It's Liberty's Book Birthday!

It's the second in The Deliverance Series, Liberty's, book birthday!

Writing this book was a real treat for me. It takes the reader to a pseudo West Point Military Academy, only steeped in magic and cultural lore. Anyone who knows me knows I have a severe weakness for a gothic setting and you can't get more gothic than West Point. Now add dragons!

Liberty too was an awesome character write. Tough as nails and quick on the draw, she really speaks badass. But just like everyone, she struggles. She struggled to integrate to her new life away from the Gulak on the icy Rusky tundra where every day was a fight against everyone to survive. Now she must become part of a team...and it isn't easy for her given her traumatic past.

Eleanor Quentin is all grown up now and struggling with doubts of her own. She achieved fame as a magic malady healer early in her life because of her involvement with the Nar Problem. Now she's a fully fledged medical doctor. But questions arise as to the reality of the treatment of the Narisis. Brave as ever, though, she accepts an ambassadorial physician position to the enigmatic Westlands, a colony of the Arcanton empire, but where they have been losing their foothold for decades.

There's a host of new characters too that you meet. The cheeky Yvette. The mysterious May Lin. And my favorite is the Doctor Thomas Lawrence, a Stone Coat. The Deliverance series takes a turn into indigenous culture here as the magical timeline of this world does not mirror our own. I got to explore how the world would look if the alliance between the rebellious colonists and the Native Americans was stronger, more respectful. This theme continues on into the third and fourth books as well.


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