Guest Speaker Live Show!

Live with Dr. Merj Hemp-  I was honored to be a guest speaker on Dr. Hemp's Let's Talk It's Time America! show where she tackles bold and complicated issues as a #scholaronthemove

I was excited to be able to participate in her Beyond the Shadow of September #ccp911 project which is set to premiere on film on 13 September of this year, 2019.  Everyone is super excited for the viewing!  Watch the trailer- it gives me chills!

We had so much fun on the show, she invited me back for Episode 10 (be on the lookout for that one- subscribe to Merj's YouTube Feed at

She is an awesome advocate for the adventure of scholarship and academia- grasping it through all mediums, including in the sky!

Check out her super inspiring rags to doctorate, true American tale at:


Or click on this link: Beyond the Shadow of 3000 Pairs of Shoes: A Story of Hopelessness, Persistence, and Survival


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