A Sneak Peek at Fortitude, Book 3 of the Deliverance Series

A Sneak Peek at Fortitude, Book 3 of the Deliverance Series

Once a gregarious little girl, Fortitude has followed in her older sister Liberty’s footsteps to become a strong, competent woman.  Although still viewed as a young girl by many due to her disappointing lack of magic manifestation, she has soldiered on to become Liberty’s battle sister and the Westland’s only expert on magic ecology.  When she finally gets the chance to strike out on her first real mission with her sister, she finds herself faced with more insurmountable odds then she ever imagined.

Arcanton forces, led by a mysterious Admiral from Thomas’s past and the nefarious Ned Turner’s half-sister Veronica, mount an assault on the Westlands when they find a rift in the magic ecosystem.  Armed with their vastly superior military technology, Arcanton wastes no time using the magic void to rip through in a deadly onslaught.  Meanwhile the Westlands Militia scrabbles to hold their territory on the fleeting long shot that Fortitude, the girl with no magic, will be able to figure out how to mend the rift in the ethersphere.

Once again, the descendant women of Nar find themselves in a position to learn what it means to live up to the power in a name.


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