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Unpublished Works Available for Sub and Pub!

Girl Unbound:

 A witchy YA based in Wales with all the black cats and cauldrons you could want.

17-year-old half Persian, half English Tabitha Shahrani is considered so severely autistic, her powers were taken from her.  Little does her coven know, her mother is purposefully making her condition worse, poisoning her regularly to exacerbate it.  16-year-old Saoirse Groves is an Oxford bound historian and classic nerd, though her magic skills leave a lot to be desired. In a world of cat familiars, Saoirse is the only witch she knows whose soul guide is a dog. All she wants in life is to receive a dispensation from her coven to study on the outside at the nomik (non-magical) powerhouse university, putting her unique timewalker skills to use.  When Tabitha picks up her violin and shows the Galbreaith Academy a hint of the genius lying within, she and Saoirse begin a friendship that leads them down the rabbit hole of discovery.  Together with newfound friend, 17-year-old Tobias, the three uncover dark secrets about the coven’s past and present.  Can they break Tabitha’s binding, or will she remain forever a prisoner?

Girl Unbound is an 85k word YA fantasy novel chock full of black cats, jack o’ lanterns, and broomsticks, set in the atmospheric moorlands of Wales. It journeys back in time to the region’s roots in a Pictish Crannog.

To Know That the Sun Is There:

A gripping literary women's fiction/thriller set in Oxford with a heroine you won't forget. Smart and witty.

Look around you. Your quiet neighbor. The checkout girl at the grocery. Your grandmother. These are the heroic survivors of military sexual trauma. Natalia “Natty” Rivers is one such survivor and struggles hard against vicious PTSD as she solves crimes with her canine detection dogs. To Know That the Sun Is There is a heart wrenching testimony to the resilience of the human spirit. 

Death of a Prodigy (on submission):

A dynamite dystopian world with an oppressive rule against music.

“My name is Maggie Hahn and I murdered a prodigy.  In fact, it was my life’s work...” This is the first and my favorite attention catcher line in the novel. The novel ends with “And as the girl fell down, the people rose up,” just before the epilogue.  The space in between is occupied with a dangerous story encompassing the motivations to rebel.

Death of a Prodigy is an adult dystopian novel set in a gritty world in which corporate states have cropped up throughout the globe.  The main character is a seventeen-year-old violin prodigy, but it is told from the of view of a thirty-year-old revolutionary.  After the fall of the United States and other sovereign nations across the planet in a worldwide financial epidemic, what once was New York is held hostage by a maniacal, but genius businessman whose regime, while strict, enforces one rule above all: There will be no music.  Music was essentially purged from the closed society, but as you follow the tale of those who seek its restoration, you will find the reasoning behind the purge is not simply a control over a society who had at one time revolutionized the culture of drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll.  It is something much more complicated and sinister. 

Sky Woman: 

A magical realism story of healing based on the Sky Woman creation story. 

When free-spirited Lana passes away skydiving, her adult children are sent on a wild goose chase and find out more about her life and theirs than they ever expected. 

Coming soon:

The Solomon Curse: 

A fantastic YA with world jumping heroines learning to cope when life upends.

How to Not and Other Bad Advice: 

A Midwestern rom-com about a mother and adoptive daughter that will have you in stiches. 

Loud Voices

Sally Rooney's Normal People meets Elif Batumen's The Idiot only magical realism. The voice alone will sweep you off your feet.

All works are subject to © copyright 2021


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